Did you know Microbladding is Micropigmentation?


It seems like everywhere we look, we see both men and women with perfect eyebrows. Thick, perfectly shaped, and not one hair is out of place. Thick eyebrows are trending, and we are suddenly kicking ourselves for over-plucking high school. Thanks to modern advances in the beauty industry, even individuals with the thinnest eyebrows are able to achieve the eyebrows of our dreams. With so many options available, it’s hard to decide on which option works best for your needs. Before making your appointment, here’s what you need to know about micropigmenation.

What is Micropigmentation? 

Micropigmentation is the method of depositing pigments into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance the shape of an individuals eyebrows, hairline, lips, eyes and more!  

At our studio we offer Microbladding, softap, and ombré brows, which all fall under micropigmentation. There are variations in how the pigment is applied to the skin and whether a hand tool is used or a hand held tattoo machine. 

Technique – There are various techniques available depending on your skin type and condition, and how bold you like your brows, which maybe more appropriate for you.

Depth –  Micropigmentation pigments will be deposited into the dermis layer of your skin, at about 1mm deep.

Appearance – The appearance of micropigmentation for your eyebrows will depend on the look you are hoping for and the technique that your technician uses. For natural, hair-like strokes, the microblading technique will be used. For softap and ombré brows, a shading technique will be used.

Our micropigmentation procedures as well as all our advance skincare procedures are overseen by our medical director Dr. Joseph Russo. Thai has been trained and finished her two year apprenticeship with tattoo master Julia Bowers with Pigmenta USA. She is a current member of SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and is certified in both Phibrows and Softap training. All tools are one time use and pigments used are both vegan and organic.

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