NexGen Nails: Are they the Alternative to Acrylic Nails?

With recent innovations within the nail lacquer industry, you no longer have to sacrifice your natural nails to achieve gorgeous, long nails. NexGen manicures not only last longer than acrylic nails, but are safer and do not damage your nail bed. If you’ve been lusting for the perfect manicure, NexGen is the best alternative to acrylic nails and all you have to do is dip your nails into the NexGen powder.

NexGen Nails

NexGen vs. Alternatives

NexGen nails look natural, are lightweight and flexible, and are extremely durable so you no longer have to worry about your nails cracking and chipping. NexGen nails are also environmentally friendly and are fortified with calcium and vitamin C to keep your nails healthy.

What Are the Benefits?

Beyond having gorgeous nails, NexGen nails contain calcium and vitamin C to keep your nails healthy, are water resistant, are odor free, and the natural nail is still able to breathe, even with the product attached to your nail.

Nail Prep

Before applying NexGen nails, your manicurist will prep your nails by removing any nail polish from your nails and preparing the nail bed with a fine sand band. If you have sensitive nail beds or cuticles, your manicurist will use a cuticle pusher instead of the fine sand band.

The Final Result

After your nails are prepped, your manicurist will shape your nails to your liking and brush away any residue from your nails. A base coat is applied before dipping your nails into the NexGen powder and finished off with a final top coat. The NexGen nail dip is available in a large array of colors that will suit every personality. If you’re a nail art lover, don’t worry! NexGen nails can be finished with traditional nail polish to allow for your favorite nail design.

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