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Lash Lifting is the process of lifting and repositioning the natural lash direction to a raised and emphasised location to open and accentual a clients eye shape and face.  Specifically formulated solutions are used and applied to the lashes while the lashes are curled carefully around a silicone rod.  These solutions are used to break the chemical bonds of the natural lash and reform the bonds when the lashes are in their curled state.  The traditional method of perming used latex based perming rods and eye putti that was slower, less comfortable and gave a tighter shaped curl to the lashes. 

This treatment is a treatment for a professional salon only and can not be performed without correct insurances and training.

Lash Lifting gives the appearance of longer looking lashes without the need to have lash extensions applied.  This means the cost is cheaper to the client, the treatment time is much shorter and the upkeep regime is not as vigorous.

A lash lift using the Elleebana one shot system is as fast as 20 minutes or a little longer if you are tinting also.  The system uses single use sachets and avoids the risk of cross contamination that other brands have when bottles or vials are used.

Ready to hop onboard ? Included in your course is certification, 2 kits enough to make back your initial investment and overview into the world of microblading. As a bonus I am also a license micropigmentation practitioner and can help answer any questions you have onto another exciting world of eyebrow tattooing. All my students are welcomed to shadow me while I tattoo my clients. ( additional fees apply) .

This one day course will provide you with everything you need to know to be a skilled artist. We will have hands on training. Please bring 1 model additional model I will try to help coordinate. Class runs on Mondays 10am-4pm. We are located in the historic area of downtown Quincy Ma. Many nearby hotels and restaurants and short distance from Boston Ma itself. If you are out of state contact me I can help arrange for Airbnb or assist in hotels selection.