Happy Hour

All specials are available ONLY at the Quincy, MA location! To schedule your appointment, call us today at (617) 770-7770.


Happy Hour (1pm-3:30pm) everyday we are open.


Happy hour allows us to remain competitive in a saturated industry. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional services by taking our time and doing things right! We aim not to RUSH so our NexGen powdered dipped nails are as perfect as WE can make them and our pedicures are long enough where you truly are RELAXED.

Happy hours services changes every 3 months


Virtual Visit Stamps Free membership program.

Each visit at our salon earns virtual stamps. After 5 virtual stamps ( 5 visits) can be redeem for free services or dollar off treatments or exchange and used in our advance services like BOTOX & MICROBLADDING.

  • Clients are eligible for Botox @ $8/unit vs $15/unit


Botox event happens every 4 months (typical length botox medication last in our body). Botox Months are March, July, Nov. So plan accordingly . You must earn 100pt before the injection dates in order to be eligible for this benefit. This is how we reward our customers for being loyal to our nail/skin side.

  • Clients can take $200 off microblading fees. Therefor cost for new microblading eyebrows is only $375 (cash only). All tattoo works are done in Braintree Ma location.

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